Ah, nutrition. The great big complicated ongoing debate about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat!

There's so much more to nutrition than eating though and this is where complementary health care really shows its strength because we treat the whole person!

Your hormones, belief systems, environmental stress and a whole load of other criteria will affect your food choices and how your body processes and metabolises your food.

When you are stressed, your digestion literally slows down and can almost stop - not a great way to get nutrients from your food.
Ever noticed how when you are truly stressed you'll go without food for ages or just eat whatever is laying around? Big mistake...after managing your stress hormones, getting the right nutrition is key to supporting your system

Everything in your body happens with water and chemicals derived from your food, so good nutrition = good building blocks and bad nutrition = no building blocks or tons of toxins, which in turn place more strain on your already stressed system.
This is where BodyTalk truly helps us balance our system and reallybenefits us by balancing our system, dropping stress hormones and engaging the digestive tract to do its best work.

Fat cells store toxins and for us Holistic health pratitioners that means emotions, trauma and belief systems as well as the heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and parasites that are usually considered.

BodyTalk is fantastic at helping us find and address these issues and release them gently out of your system so that you can heal on all levels and lose the toxic thoughts or excessive emotions that are literally weighing you down!

The Kinesio-Diet is one of my favourite diets because along with a full nutritional programme and eating plan it comes with a set of BodyTalk sessions to really help you achieve balance all round and address all the underlying causes of weight gain.

However each cliet is unique and different and we will always work in harmony with what suits you best.

" I feel clearer and more balanced when I follow your dietary advice and I know you've done me the world of good. Thank you for being so patient with me and continually teaching me about better ways to eat and be healthy. " - Irene