About Candice

As a natural academic my career path should've been an easy one but wasn't. I struggled to find something that challenged me intellectually, felt at peace with me spiritually and would sate my ever curious nature.

I studied a BComm and Marketing after school and dabbled in Aromatherapy, Natural Health Studies, Aurasoma and Nutritional Therapy in my spare time, seeking something that would help me resolve my own issues and be beneficial to those around me.
My son was "diagnosed" with ADHD at the tender age of 3 and I just knew there had to be more to health than what the standard textbooks tell us.

I stumbled across BodyTalk as a modality when a colleague took her daughter to see a practitioner and whilst I had been going to a Kinesiologist for many years, she'd never shared this gem of a modality.
The minute I met Mandy and got on that bed, I knew I had found "IT" 
My studies began then and there and have never ended!

BodyTalk is a beautiful fusion of modern science and ancient wisdom. Based on Chiropractics and Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Kinesiology, there is certainly more than enough information and training to keep our left brains stimulated whilst all the intuitive work expands the creative aspects of the mind and brings us ever more in tume with our true inner selves

BodyTalk for me, is a way of life. Its my means of dealing with illness, challenging days, stress and overwhelm. Its my way of instantly finding calm in the storm and helping "flip a switch" so that I perceive things differently and find possibilities where before I saw only challenges.

It is this sense of calm and wellbeing I seek to share with every client, along with bringing harmony to your body, better range of motion, a stronger immune system and optimal brain function.

Each session builds on the last and literally rewires your system, each person's journey is unique. Whether you are fighting internal stress and illness or outer weight, relationship or environmental challenges, I am here to guide you through it all with the help of this incredible modality.

I look forward to working with you soon and discovering your Inspired Glow


I have gone from being bedridden with my MS
symptoms, suffering debilitating relapses and taking
interferon and chemo therapies to drug free, relapse
free, pain free and feeling better with more vitality
than I have in 4 years. I have been back for more,
and will continue to do so. Well worth it!"
- Robert Skot (Courtenay, Canada)