Join thousands of people from Oprah to Obama who use this wonderful modality to bring balance and joyful health into their life.

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Are you living a vibrant, full happy life?

Do you wake up every day feeling fit, empowered and positive about your health, relationships and finances?

If you are experiencing anything less than joy and abundance on ANY level, BodyTalk and Happiness Coaching offers a way forward for you.

Your body is an incredible self healing organism - a living accumulation of your thoughts, experiences, emotions and beliefs. 

When what you feel and experience is positive and serves you, you will feel inspired, driven, healthy and happy.

When you experience stress, trauma, self doubt, fear and worry, your body will reflect that back to you in illness, depression and pain.

This information is proven through the science of Epigenetics, which shows us how our environment triggers a response within our DNA.
​Our environment can be physical, emotional, psychological or social, so whilst we cannot change the world necessarily, we can change how we view and interact with it, effectively altering our internal environment.

As an Integrated Therapist I use several forms of therapy to support  your healing process 
BodyTalk is a tried and tested modality, backed by leading scientific research, to translate your body's language and eliminate your barriers to optimal health and healing.

It also works beautifully with Positive Psychology, NLP, Psych-K, EFT, Chinese Medicine and Nutritional Therapy to help you achieve vitality on every level, psychological, emotional, mental and physical.

Together we will uncover the unique patterns, beliefs and environmental triggers that are preventing you from attaining the healthy, happy & vibrant life you seek.  

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Here's What Some of My Client's Have to Say:
It seems so simple and so reassuring that every session makes so much sense and I know I will leave feeling better, more attuned to myself, more relaxed and more focused than when I arrived" - Marisa RSA
"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and your insight Candice, I cannot tell you how much I value that I slept through the night for the first time in 33 years! It seems quite magical to me, Body|Talk definitely works!" - Sandra - RSA
" I only truly learned to listen to myself after doing one of your intensive courses and it seemed so silly that I just couldnt hear how I was living in such a negative track despite my best intentions, suddenly it all snapped into place and I know now exactly what I am saying and attracting what I want!. " - Lara. GP